Tuesday, December 21, 2010

White Christmas

Looking down on the lower stairs
Yesterday's gang of four was today's fabulous five, and with Hector completing the preparations the crew was able to race through the remaining drywall, with the thick sheetrock dust leaving The Minnie House looking like a winter wonderland.

The master bedroom
I bought another can of expansive foam and sprayed the few remaining openings that I didn't get to yesterday, so I'm reasonably confident that the house will be tight and draught free.

Hanging the ceiling in the kitchen
Jose the Installer from SimpleFloors came by for a tour of the house this morning, and a quote for laying the engineered hardwood floor should be forthcoming in the next few days, presumably in the region of $3,000.00.

Master bathroom (left) and walk-in closet (right)
The stairwell windows
The garage starts to look like... a garage
Almost finished in the kitchen


Nicky Fox/Ruggier said...

Wow! Beautiful house, wonderful view, Steve. I didn't know your mum but I'm sure she'd have been tickled pink.

Steve Rapport said...

Thanks Nicky. It's going to be an amazing monument.