Monday, December 20, 2010

Hail! Hail! SheetRock 'n' Roll!

Sheet-rock! On the basement ceiling!
A big day. The gang of four sheet-rockers showed up this morning and began to power through hanging the drywall. Starting with the garage ceiling and the basement ceiling, they did everything they could to complete the rooms, but as always there were complications.

Hanging sheet-rock on the garage perimeter wall
Hector's crew was supposed to finish prepping the house for the drywall team, but they didn't show up on Friday because of the rain, so the prep didn't get done. The shelves holding the remaining Kynar sheets in the garage need to be removed; the last wooden shims need to be cut out from around the windows and doors, as does the excess sprayed foam insulation. This will now all be done in the morning.

The basement, seen through the sheet-rocked doorway
Since I was on hand while the drywall was being hung, I made myself useful stuffing some of the remaining R19 EcoBatts into every last un-insulated nook and cranny, and using my single can of expansive foam to plug every exposed crevice I could find.

The Kynar at the rear of the house is now 99% complete
The gang of four still managed to complete around 60% of the house in a single day, which to my mind was an amazing feat, even though they said they were working a little slowly because this is a modern house requiring a high level of attention to minute detail.

That door in the middle? The cupboard under the stairs
By the end of tomorrow I expect the entire house to be fully sheet-rocked, and ready for the finish guys to come in to tape and float the drywall.


karlusmagnus said...

Great to see how much progress has been done, and that the finish line is within sight. I really like the floor choice. Looks very nice indeed and good decision for anyone looking to have radiant flooring.

Steve Rapport said...

Thanks Karlus!

an inspector said...

Interestingly the stilts that the sheet rocker is using are illegal. OSHA does not allow them. You should remove that photo