Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Howling Wind

Apparently, last night's storm saw hellish winds whip around The Minnie House, flipping massive pieces of Kynar steel up against the cyclone fence like a kid playing tiddlywinks. It was still wickedly windy today so I did my best to move the unused siding out of harm's way. Tonight promises to be calmer and with any luck the worst has already passed.

Over the holiday weekend we moved many of the IKEA boxes down to the house, and started piecing together the kitchen cabinets. The first six base cabinets went together relatively smoothly, if rather slowly, before the first wall cabinet gave me a headache of epic proportions. To cut a long story (replete with much user error) short, the Akurum cabinet has a Rationell bottom shelf with a built-in under counter light, but when finished that piece was half an inch wider than the top piece. Surely shome mishtake? I'll have to call IKEA tomorrow to figure that one out.

Hector and Alejandro have been dodging the raindrops to get most of the siding complete before disappearing today for an extended New Year holiday weekend, and Hector also found time to cut and install the first of the white LockDry aluminum decking in the porch area. We'll also be using this for the entry ramp, and the rear deck.

The last couple of piece of flat metal, for the corners of the parapet wall, are at the shop being cut to size, and once those, the remainder of the coping and the corrugated metal in the porch are installed next week the exterior siding will be just about complete.

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