Thursday, December 9, 2010

An Inspector Calls

Rain stopped play yesterday, but at least I was able to clean the ginormous windows
After losing a whole day yesterday thanks to torrential rain, the house was buzzing with activity today - Inspection Day!

Andrew the HVAC Guy and his assistant were running 4" vents from the dryer hook-up in the utility room to the 4" hole in the concrete basement wall that Hector drilled last week (this vent cleverly turns 90ยบ downwards into the faux panel, so that it emerges invisibly underneath the panel). Additionally they added intake and outake vents to the utility room and ran them throught the floor joists to then emerge underneath the deck.

The fire sprinkler guy was running water through his system in advance of his inspection, and was concerned because the inspection involves pumping water at 200psi pressure through the pipes - nearly four times more than the regular 60psi that the system uses. He sounded a little like Scotty, warning Captain Kirk that "I can't hold her Captain, she's gonna blow!"

Hector was busy cutting Kynar for the bedroom window, and was nearly ready to start hoisting up the big corrugated panels onto that side of the house when I had to leave for work.

Danny the Plumber was doing a pressure test of his own, filling the big sexy Duravit Happy D bathtub with water to ensure that it would drain properly to the rear of the house - and it did.

And it was all good. Inspector Chai arrived and we passed our rough electrical and rough plumbing inspections; and the Fire Marshall visited after lunch and approved our elaborate and very expensive fire sprinkler system. Now we're ready to move ahead with insulation, and I'll be on site in the morning with my friend Jovanny to pack some green R13 EcoBatt insulation into the interior bays, and R19 EcoBatts into the basement ceiling/sub-floor.

Then it may finally be time to spend my first night at The Minnie House.


Jeffrey said...

Congrats on passing the inspection!

Steve Rapport said...

Thanks Jeffrey! This is a major milestone. We can move on to insulation and then drywall, so it's mostly finishes from now on.

Rod Ireland said...

Hi Steve, I hope we can come round for a cup of tea and some biscuits at the Minniehouse next August. Me and all my girls will be hitting California at last!

Steve Rapport said...

That's the most exciting news I've heard for ages (actually, for two days, since England slaughtered the Aussies!). Can't wait to see you all over here! Tea and biscuits it is, mate!!!