Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rock 'n' Roll

Drywall in the sky, delivered by GradAll
I wasn't expecting to see a GradAll forklift when I arrived on the hill this afternoon, but it was a pleasant surprise as it heralded the arrival of a multitude of materials for sheetrock'n' the house.

The guys from L&W Supply bring home the bacon
Five strong guys were on hand to bring all of the materials into the house, where the drywall guys will presumably begin their dusty job tomorrow morning.

Pabco 5/8" sheetrock
If it weren't for the intervention of the holidays this part of the build process would take a couple of weeks, but since next weekend is Christmas I'm once more not holding my breath waiting for this project to be complete any time soon.

Reflections on a beautiful day
Although yesterday was lost to the weather while it rained cats and dogs, today was a welcome break between storms with blue skies, high clouds and plenty of sunshine. While Hector was working on the Kynar siding I was happily wandering around admiring the many new shiny surfaces.

The north east corner of the house
 On a sunny day this house is a photographer's dream.

The south west side of the house is almost finished...