Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Magic Numbers

I've lived in the 415 - San Francisco, California - for the last 18 years. When I bought the 7,650 sq ft lot that I will soon call home, its address was listed as 0 Talbot Avenue, because it had never been developed. Since my next door neighbors are at number 437 and number 463, I had to choose an address somewhere in-between. Originally I chose 445, but those numbers didn't sing to me. Then it hit me - my house would be number 451, because those are The Magic Numbers.

The stainless steel numbers above match those that famed modernist architect Richard Neutra specified for his houses in the 1930s, 40s and 50s. They're designed to float slightly off the surface and cast subtle shadows, and I picked them up while they were on sale at DWR (still hideously expensive, but at least they were on sale).


Connie W said...

the numbers look beautiful, and I like the counter top as well :)

Matthew said...

Also mirrors Avram Grant's favourite formation - leaving Cole isolated up front with no service and no hope of a goal, as per Saturday. Are you sure you don't want 442, or a 1960's Hammers stylee 433 Steve?! I would have thought a flying (left) winger such as yourself would have been more adventurous! Is Spector left or right fullback in your 451?! MattD

Steven said...

Also "Fahrenheit 451" Can we call you Montag?