Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Thoroughly Modern Garage Door

The Minnie House, now sporting an aluminum garage door from CHI
This is a new 3D render I just completed in Home Design Studio Pro, featuring my choice of garage door, the very modern and imaginatively-named Model 3295 from C.H.I., in clear anodized aluminum with etched tempered glass. Coming soon, from Sousa Garage Doors in Santa Clara.


eric at my First said...

Looks great, but, I wonder what a stained cedar door would look like...

Jad Smith said...

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garage doors said...

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Michael said...

Steve. My wife and I are starting to move forward with building an LVL home in El Dorado Hills, CA. The hardest part is going to be getting past the HOA design review board. I'm sure I can get past with a good presentation, and I'd like to use a 3d model like the one you've done. Would it be possible to use your work as a starting point and then change it to an LVL and put it on a new "lot" to give the correct perspective? I'm going to have the garage enter from the side but have a similar full basement. Congratulations on completing the project. Looks like the showing went well. Wish we knew about it, we'd have come. Anyhow best wishes, Michael and Maggie.

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jacob said...

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