Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Giants' Step for the Minnie House

Root Root Root for the Giants!
The concrete trucks were out in force today, and whaddya know, one of them was truly a Giant truck. This made my day as much as the fact that we were pouring the foundation walls! Let's Go Giants!

Smoothing out the top of the driveway retaining wall
By the time I left the site, all of the foundation walls were already poured, as was the driveway retaining wall. One more truck had just arrived, to top up the foundation walls all the way to where the basement slab will soon sit.

Foundation walls all poured!
What's on deck? Tomorrow the forms will come off the central foundation wall and the retaining wall, and maybe also from the ICFs. Nothing will happen on Friday, and then on Monday Ken the Excavator will return to begin backfilling against the foundation walls, in preparation for laying the steel for the basement slab.

Middle basement foundation wall
Once the rebar is criss-crossed and tied, Irwin the Radiant Floor Guy will need to come out and lay pex tubing into the slab before we pour it.

We're also in the process of getting quotes for different roofing systems (modified bitumen is in the budget at the moment, but I'd like a Dura-Foam roof if it's affordable), and for solar panels. Right now I'm leaning towards leasing them from Solar City, but maybe I could buy them if I can get a separate low-cost loan. We'll have to see about that.

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