Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Pretty Patchwork of Pink Poly and Steel

Polystyrene insulation under the basement rebar
Although it was a quiet day at the house - in fact, when we showed up the gates were locked and no-one was around - there's still been some progress since I was last there on Monday. The compacting was completed, weatherproofing sheets were laid, and sand was spread on top of the sheeting. After that, as you can see, polystyrene insulation (the pink stuff in the photo above) was laid on the basement side only, since it's there to ensure that heat from the radiant floor goes up, but not down (there won't be a radiant floor in the garage).

Steel is tied, awaiting pex tubing and then... concrete!
Finally, rebar was criss-crossed over the length and breadth of the basement, and the steel was tied in preparation for the next concrete pour, which was originally scheduled for tomorrow. Unfortunately we weren't ready for Irwin the Radiant Guy, who was supposed to come and lay the tubing yesterday, and now he can't make it until Friday, so we had to move the steel inspection to next Monday, and the concrete pour to Tuesday morning. This third pour will lay the basement slab and fill more of the basement wall ICFs, a couple of rows of which were laid while all the other work was going on.

Can't wait to pour the slab and finally walk on the basement floor!


Melissa said...

Oh my God. It's almost done!
Lookin' good.

Douglas Scott Treado said...

Steve- Muchos gratias for putting this (pics/info) together. Very helpful to others, particularly those building in hills and canyons..I'm familiar with your location, so I know it can demand a lot of planning and patience. Best wishes to you for its safe completion!
Freeman Zygote/Douglas Scott Treado