Thursday, August 12, 2010

Base Rock! Sand! Plumbing! Lego!

Lights! Action! Music!
Busy day today. Base rock was delivered this morning, then sand, and the plumbers came in to do the rough-in for the sewer. A layer of base rock was laid out across the basement, and was being compacted while the plumbers dug a trench and laid the 4" sewer pipe.

Plumbing - it's a thing of beauty!
The PVC sheeting for the vapor barrier was also laid in the garage, and sand was dumped on top. This will all be spread out before the rebar is tied. And while all of this activity was going on, one of Hector the Framer's guys was adding more Lego blocks to the basement wall. Yes, it's a thrill a minute down at The Minnie House!

Plumbing trenches, base rock, compactor - an all action Thursday

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