Friday, August 6, 2010

I Love You Wall-E!

Today was a good day. The forms came off, and I was able to see my very first wall-e, the huge driveway retaining wall. When we stucco the basement walls, we'll stucco this side of the retaining wall as well, and eventually we also have to put a guardrail on top.

This photo shows where the front door will be (to the left of the retaining wall, above the vertical rebar in the foreground). Once we build the front-facing foundation wall, we will backfill almost to the top of the retaining wall.

In the picture below you can see how the house is really starting to take shape, and for that I am both thrilled and grateful.

Next up is the return of Ken the Excavator on Monday, and he'll be moving dirt around, backfilling against the foundation walls, and compacting the dirt. Once that's done we'll start working on the basement slab. Am I excited? What do you think?

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Connie W said...

Looks like everything is coming together! Very happy for you!