Thursday, September 2, 2010

Half Way Up The Wall

This week saw the fourth concrete pour, which was probably the least exciting to date. We just poured into the first four feet of the basement ICFs, so there wasn't much to see.

Before and after the pour the framers continued building 2x4 braces and supports for the walls, to ensure that they are straight, true and vertical. Then this morning the drain rock and tubing arrived for the french drain around the perimeter of the basement, which should ensure that the basement remains dry and cosy long into the future.

Hector the Framing Guy, the man who makes the magic happen

The next steps are pretty exciting. The basement walls will be built up to their full height with ICFs, and then the forms and supports for the garage and basement window headers will be constructed. These will then all be poured at the end of next week, and that will be worth seeing.

Next week the eight huge steel I-beams are scheduled to be delivered for the very long lower retaining wall, and presumably those 15' deep piers will be poured at the same time at the basement walls and headers.

At the end of that pour the foundations and basement of The Minnie House will basically be finished, and it will be time to set the sills and start building the floor. Once that's done the LV Home kit will arrive and we can start building the house!

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