Friday, September 17, 2010

TJI... Friday

I-Beams in place, awaiting tomorrow's concrete pour
While I was at the house this morning, Rich the Contractor was on the phone to the lumber yard, ordering the joists for the sub floor for delivery early next week. The joists are usually known by their acronym, TJI (which stands for Trus Joist I-Joist), and, well, today just happens to be Friday...

The basement is also ready for the final pour
This morning I also received confirmation that Dave the Truck Driver has left Missouri with the LV Home Kit and is now en route to Pacifica, where he is scheduled to arrive early on Monday morning. To say I'm excited is quite an understatement. We're not technically ready for it, as we were supposed to have the sub-floor finished by the time it arrives, but we're very close - we'll be pouring the last concrete for the basement and the headers (and the lower retaining wall) tomorrow morning, and that just leaves a couple of days work to set the sills and lay out the floor.

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Anonymous said...

The ICF is a good system , second only to pre-cast wall slabs. I wish I had used them myself, cheaper than ICF and more waterproof, they require no cement footers.... O'well , we live and learn....Looks like you are coming along just fine.
Just a note; when you set your glass sliders, install the metal siding and flashing at the same time in that area.( A problem for those folks who have cantilevered deck system.) We are working on that problem now...after the fact.