Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Ridiculous Amount of Screwing

Mysteriously and frustratingly, another four day work week at The Minnie House for everyone whose name is not Steve, and the possibility of moving in over Valentine's Day weekend is ebbing away like the tide at Southend on Sea.

This is the construction version of Waiting for Godot. The PG&E trench is still open because no-one seems to be in charge of installing the gas and electric services, which is surely the responsibility of the contractor. We can't dig the water trench until the PG&E trench is backfilled, and we can't lay asphalt on the driveway until the water trench is closed up.

The stucco guys can't finish putting the lath (chicken wire) on the underside of the deck until the framers install the guardrail on the top of the deck, and the framers can't install the guardrail until they lay the rest of the aluminum decking, which they can't do until the extra pieces arrive from Alabama this week.

The cabinets can't go on the bathroom walls until the tiles are on the floor and walls, and the tiler - assuming the contractor has actually found one - can't do his job until the plumber somehow covers the hideous exposed pipe on the bathroom floor. Which will presumably happen some time after Godot shows up for breakfast.

Thankfully, I have some kind and generous friends who have been helping me to clean up the house and the lot and prepare the perimeter for the 18" moat of gravel that I'll lay after the stucco is complete, and I've almost finished working on the IKEA cabinets, a major task task that involved a ridiculous amount of screwing. Lucky I bought that bargain $17.00 power screwdriver from, eh?

Needless to say, I can't install the drawers and doors until the kitchen countertops are installed. And on that front, the owner of EcoHome Improvement wrote to inform me that their invoice was incorrect because they ordered the wrong sized sheet of Paperstone, and that they could order the correct sized piece for an extra $650.00 plus $125.00 for shipping, and that it wouldn't arrive for another three weeks.

Which, when all is said and done, is a load of big hairy bollocks.

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