Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Problem Is Just An Opportunity...

In which case, I have just been bleesed with a plethora of possibilities. Yesterday was a good day in that the white IKEA Akurum cabinets were installed, the stucco guys continues nailing paper and chicken wire to the exterior of the basement, and the steel fabricator finally showed up to cut the post that will support the entry ramp.

For a cooktop I chose a sexy black IKEA glass ceramic electric jobbie with touch controls, which will be installed in the island. Behind it will be a Broan downdraft ventilator. The Smeg oven is supposed to sit directly below the cooktop, but when we took a look at the vent yesterday we discovered that the blower is 4" deep, so there's just no way the oven will fit into the cabinet. Long story short, the oven will now have to go into a base cabinet along the front wall, next to the kitchen sink. Oh well.

In the bathroom we need to mount a Duravit vanity and mirror cabinet on the wall. Now I'd never noticed this before, but for some reason there's a water waste pipe right under where the sink and vanity will live that sits about 1 1/2" above the sub-floor. The contractor told me I gave the OK for this horrible ugly eyesore, although I don't know why I would, unless I was unknowingly under the influence of some kind of stupidity-inducing hallucinogen. It would be visible even after the tiles are installed, so there's no alternative - it has to go. The contractor may try to make me pay for this, but since I didn't ask for an abomination in the bathroom I see no reason why I have to pay to have it surgically removed.

Last month I purchased a pair of Bose 131 Marine speakers for the underside of the deck. Turns out they don't have rough-in brackets so there's no easy way to mount them since the finish will now be stucco. No sense in fighting it - I'm returning the speakers to Amazon, replacing them with a much cheaper pair of surface-mounted outdoor Yamaha speakers, and using the difference to get a 24" TV for the bathroom wall. How opportune is that?

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