Sunday, January 30, 2011

Deck Chair

The deck is finished, and it looks magnificent. With the help of my friend Melissa (actually, Master Melissa) and a couple of spare hours on Saturday afternoon, we were even able to vacuum, scrub, sweep and wash it to something approaching cleanliness, quite an achievement given the sheer volume of mud, dirt, silicone and metal shavings that had to be forcibly removed from the premises.

Francisco the Tiler also made his presence felt this weekend, applying lath to the shower surrounds in both bathrooms, and laying the white 20" tiles on the bathroom floor. Assuming Chai the Inspector passes the lath, Francisco will complete his work in the bathrooms next weekend.

We also have a PG&E trench inspection scheduled, for Tuesday morning, and if we pass that there's at least a chance that we'll have gas, and maybe even electric, service this week. We urgently need to backfill the trench so that we can dig the water trench, start laying asphalt in the driveway, and pour concrete for the entry ramp landing and walkway. That all needs to happen before we apply finished to the interior of the house next week.


Melissa said...

Great photos, great house!

Steve Rapport said...

Melissa? THE Melissa? Master Melissa?