Thursday, November 4, 2010

Windows Are The Eyes To The Soul

Before the last rain showers the framers were able to get felt down on the roof, which somehow magically formed a waterproof membrane and protected the inside of the house from the downpour. Since then, the weather has been utterly magnificent (due no doubt to our ragtag Giants setting the Bay Area on fire by finally winning the World Series), and the roof is ready for the guys from DuraFoam to come in and spray white stuff all over it.

This week the contractors sent a second crew to the house, and they added some OSB to the outside (not all of it, they're going to wait until all of the windows are in), and installed the bedroom window. Yes, my very first window! This is yet another in a long list of highlights as the Minnie House moves from myth to reality.

There's also a cleanup crew on the premises removing all of the broken-up concrete and rebar, and the used and abused lumber, and generally making 451 Talbot a happier, prettier place, which of course also makes me happier (and prettier).

This morning Hector added three more of the Jeld-Wen aluminum windows, in the kitchen and the stairwell, and tomorrow he hopes to add all of the remaining windows. The sliding doors will have to wait until Monday because they are as heavy as hell and we need a crew of at least six men to lift and install them.

Robert and the A/V crew have already run wires around the whole house for TVs and speakers. There will be one big screen Panasonic in the living room, another 42" Panasonic in the bedroom, and if I'm feeling particularly decadent (or, more likely, if I can actually afford it, which is doubtful) a 26" in the bathroom.

We're also pre-wiring for another TV in the second bedroom and one in the basement, and laying Cat5 to future proof the place. Additionally, there will be ten pairs of speakers, here there and everywhere, each one with a Sonos amplifier blasting the most brilliant music known to man all over every last inch of The Minnie House.

Oh, and did I mention that my beloved San Francisco Giants won the World Series?

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