Friday, November 12, 2010

Shiny Happy House

For the time being the Minnie House is all shiny white, and it positively gleams in the sun.

By the time I arrived at the site this morning the last set of windows, a huge bank of twelve aluminum panes beyond the dining area, was already framing the big, beautiful cypress tree, and I think I let out an audible 'wow' when I saw it.

Later the crew finished installing the exterior OSB - in fact they ran out, and as you can see they had to use CDX plywood for the last few pieces on the east side of the house - and when I left they were putting the finishing touches to wrapping all four sides in Tyvek.

Hector the Framer also managed to find time to build the wall around which the staircase will wrap, and upon which I will one day hang a framed copy of the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle from Tuesday November 2nd 2010, the day after the San Francisco Giants, finally and gloriously, won the World Series.

It's not all happy happy joy joy. There's something of a backlog of things that need to be done, and each one depends upon something else happening first. Robert the A/V Guy can't do any more wiring until Mike the Electrician runs his Romex wire in the I-joists, which he can't do until the Durafoam roof is sprayed, and that can't happen until the final roof penetrations are cut for the vents, and that won't happen until tomorrow.

The electrician is also awaiting the installation of the sliding doors, which can't go in until the door pans arrive and the deck penetrations are waterproofed, and that won't happen until, well, until it happens.


Melissa said...

I'm lovin' the commentary & photos.

Steve Rapport said...

Thanks Melissa! You'll have to come down to Pacifica and see the house some time soon...