Monday, November 29, 2010

A Week of Nothing Much

Pressure treated lumber forms the framing for the entry ramp
Another frustrating week of nothing much. Still waiting for the replacement Kynar steel panels, which may (or may not) arrive tomorrow. I wanted the Tyvek wrap finished, but the crew said we've run out of wrap. They said they'd attach chicken wire to the exterior of the basement for the stucco application, but they don't have any chicken wire.

Finally - the sliding front door
They were going to install the basement sliding doors, but they don't have the equipment they need to first smooth out the concrete floor. They need to drill through the concrete for the last remaining vents, but they don't have the core drill. They probably could have built the blocking for the framing of the deck - if they had the requisite lumber.

Another beautiful Pacifica evening
In short, not much happened due to bad planning and lack of foresight, and as a result we're slipping further and further behind schedule. Time to kick ass and take names.

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