Thursday, July 1, 2010


Slow going again, but overall I think we're doing well. Russ the Geotechnical Engineer came by today to inspect the holes for the piers, and he had Ken the Excavator drill into the bedrock for thirty minutes while he watched. Since the rock didn't budge, Russ gave us the OK to use the holes we'd dug, without having to go any deeper. The guys spent the day drilling and moving dirt around, and expected to be done with the drilling by the end of today.

The GC didn't want to order the steel cages until the holes were all drilled and approved, so that he could measure them and order as much steel as we need, but no more. This will take longer, but it will also save money, so I'm all for it. And since he doesn't want the steel cages to sit in the holes and the trenches over the long holiday weekend, I'm guessing that nothing will happen at the lot tomorrow. Which means that nothing will happen until Tuesday.

See you then.

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