Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Steely Dan

Very excited today. A gorgeous, spectacular, beautiful day at the lot, with glorious views all the way across the bay to Bolinas and Mt Tam. And I was thrilled to see the steel rising out of the ground as the house starts to take shape. The team has been working really hard in the sun, moving all of the rebar around by hand, tying the steel, and clearing the ditches in preparation for today's visitor.

Yes, the Chai the Building Engineer was due at the lot this afternoon for our very first inspection since construction started. He's coming to inspect the piers, the grade beam trenches, and the steel, and if all goes well, the concrete trucks will arrive at 8.30 tomorrow morning to start pouring piers and grade beams. Our first pour! I can't contain my excitement!

Did I mention how spectacular the weather was today?

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