Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dig Deep!

No surprise, but progress is a little slower than I thought it would be. The drilling is proceeding, but there's enough rock to keep the Ken the Excavator on his toes. No problem with the fifteen feet deep piers for the lower retaining wall, but he hit a massive boulder that stopped him dead in three of the holes for the piers on the south side of the house. One is only six feet deep, and the others are seven and a half and nine feet deep (all short of the ten feet we're supposed to excavate) so we have to see what Russ the Geotechnical Engineer says about them. With any luck we can proceed with the shorted piers. I should know the answer in the morning.

In the meantime Ken kept digging away, drill out the trenches around the perimeter of the house. Don't think the steel cages will come until next Tuesday at the earliest, so the first concrete pour should happen late next week. Looking forward to that - it marks the end of the destruction process, and the beginning of the construction process!

And this is what the holes look like! This is a ten feet deep hole that's ready for its steel cage.

Today I also ordered the temporary water meter, for which I had to leave a $500.00 deposit. Ouch. I can pick up the meter tomorrow, then the contractor can set it up and we can draw water from the nearest fire hydrant.

This is fun!

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