Friday, June 11, 2010

The Return of The Loan Arranger!

As Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes once said, This Time It's For Real! The estimable Donald Henry, otherwise known as The Miracle Loan Arranger, has come through in the clutch, and as of yesterday, June 10th 2010, I am now the proud owner of an absolutely massive new construction loan.

I've spent many, many hours at the lot this Spring clearing weeds and organics, particularly from the building pad, and I've been lucky enough to have help for much of the time. It's been great, in fact, spending sunny and warm Sundays digging around while listening to the Giants on the car radio. Last Monday we hauled about seventy 55-gallon bags of yard waste to the city dump, a total of one and a quarter tons of green matter.

With that gone, the next step is to get on the schedule of the excavation and foundations crew. Given all of the delays to date, I'm not sanguine about the start date, although Monday June 21st has been mentioned. Hopefully it won't be Wednesday 23rd, because I already have to be up at 7am to watch England v Slovenia in the World Cup. My money is on Monday 28th, just because that's the second anniversary of the passing of my mum, which was the event that started this whole process in motion.

Now let's get the living monument called The Minnie House built!

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