Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Window to my Soul

This is a conundrum.

The LV Home looks best with aluminum windows, and my first quote was encouraging - Milgard aluminum windows at under $16k.

Not so fast, though.

The lot is close to the sea, and apparently aluminum corrodes in sea air, which means that aluminum is probably out. That leaves vinyl (yuck!) or fiberglass. Vinyl only comes in white or tan, and is quite a bit more expensive. It's just not gonna look good with the galvanized steel siding. After all, it's vinyl. On the plus side, like fiberglass, it doesn't produce condensation, so the glass doesn't need to be thermally broken.

Fiberglass is even more expensive, and you can finish the exterior it to match the color of the siding. But so far I can't find thin-frame sliding patio doors, only French doors with big fat ugly frames.

I'll talk to Rocio and her staff about this on Saturday. Hopefully we can come up with an elegant, non-corrosive, non-astronomically expensive solution.

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Sue Van Orden said...

Steve - on LVL windows

Hey I've got a window vendor telling me he can't get Melgard windows as big as required. Was your quote specific to the plans or just a guess quote. Thanks

Sue Van Orden LVL owner, Como Colorado