Wednesday, November 19, 2008


For my birthday in late September, Connie and I stayed at Jennifer and Barry Watson's LUMINHAUS in Amherst, Virginia. Jennifer and Barry were Rocio Romero's first customers for the LV Home, and they built it themselves for just under $100,000.

Getting there wasn't simple. I live in San Francisco, and Connie lives in NYC. So I flew Virgin America to Washington DC, while Connie flew Delta to Richmond, VA. The plan was for me to take the Amtrak train from DC to Richmond, but my flight was delayed - badly - due a mechanical problem, and I missed my train. Since there wasn't another one for 6 hours and I was stuck, the very helpful Virgin supervisor agreed to refund the cost of my flight. I grabbed a (very expensive!) taxi to the Greyhound station, and got a (very cheap) bus to Richmond. The bus experience in the U.S. is, and always has been, a little depressing, but I arrived at the Richmond bus station right around the time Connie pulled up in our rented car.

Luminhaus is hidden away on 6.2 acres of woodland in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The house is truly lovely, as you can see:

We had a great weekend, and it confirmed my fierce desire to build my own LV Home.


Anonymous said...

You just got to Love this Rocio Romero LV house! wish I had one ...Enjoy!

Andy Bate said...

Dude is that an old west Ham United kit you're wearing? Awesome house by the way!