Monday, November 24, 2008


Met with Rocio Romero in Perryville yesterday to discuss the plans. Didn't realize it would cost me $600.00, but I suppose that's my fault for not reading the small print.

The sticking points for customization is the placement of the garage (in the basement? Access from the street, or from the private road at the bottom of the lot?), which won't be resolved for a while. Ideally we'd build a driveway up from the bottom, but first I need to find out if we can get an easement, and if so, how much that will cost. There's also a sewer line at the bottom of the lot, and it may be a challenge to construct the driveway over it.

Got to go and look at some aluminum windows tomorrow. Apparently, I can use aluminum out here by the ocean if I get them with a clear anodized finish.

Can't get used to calling them 'aluminum', though. It's supposed to be 'aluminium.'

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