Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hey Big Spender!

And so the big spending begins!

Wrote a check today for the deposit and dropped it off at the title company (and I forgot how hard it was to cycle up Franklin to Post - damn, that's steep!), so we're now officially in escrow, with 90 days before close of escrow.

In that time I have to get the site surveyed (I have several quotes, from $4k to $8k) and get the geotechnical report (also known as a soils report - expensive); work with Rocio Romero to get the completed and probably slightly customized plans (just wired them a $10k down payment) ; and get the building permits (that process looks like it will cost at least $16k - oh, the joy of building in the Bay Area!).

Early days, but I'm hoping that we can start building in late March/early April.

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