Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Wish You Wood

African Roma Walnut flooring in the bedroom
A good day. A very good day. The installers from SimpleFloors showed up on time, laid out and cut the Royal Walk acoustic underlayment in mere minutes, and finished floating the glorious African Roma Walnut in the bedroom and closet before lunch.

The control center for an underground lair. Or for the radiant heat system. Or something.
These guys don't hang around. By 4pm they had finished the entire upstairs, with the exception of the spare bedroom, which will be done in the morning. I know I'm biased, but to my eyes the Simple Floor looks Simply Amazing.

Base rock for the gas trench
Jeff and his crew from Sewers R Us returned this morning to pour a truckload of base rock into the water and gas trenches and compact the hell out of everything with a Jumping Jack  prior to pouring and flattening steaming hot asphalt, leaving the street free of gaping holes for the first time in weeks.

Only hours after starting and the guys have already nearly finished the living room
We've almost completed laying down the exceedingly expensive copper piping for both lines - domestic and fire sprinkler - and the water line was approved by the city today. If I can get the other line approved by the fire inspector we can go ahead and backfill the trench, which I'd love to get done before the rain starts up again some time tomorrow.

The Master Bedroom in all its woody glory

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The flooring looks awesome!