Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Electric Avenue

The entire house is now a magnificent monochromatic marvel, featuring a Benjamin Moore paint color called Moonlight White: flat on the ceilings, eggshell on the walls, and semi-gloss on the doors and trim. There's just one exception. The fire door, between the garage and the basement, is bright red, evoking memories of the pillar boxes, phone booths, and Routemaster buses of my youth.

Two guys from PG&E showed up this morning to hook up the overhead electric power line, which proved a little more challenging than they imagined as they couldn't get their extension ladder close enough to the house. After I backfilled around 10 feet of the gas trench they were able to get a foothold for their ladder, complete the hook up, and disconnect the temporary power supply. Which paradoxically left us without any source of power until the electricians show up some time tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, I was finding new ways to get frustrated by my appalling lack of DIY skills, wasting an hour on a futile attempt to install a biometric fingerprint lock and a deadlock on the fire door. To cut a long story short, I need to buy a chisel so that I can try again tomorrow.

The kitchen is mostly shiny white now since I pulled the plastic covers off the wall cabinets and some of the island drawers, but I had a hiccup putting the little IKEA Grip handles on the drawers. The tops of the drawers are so close to the countertops that there's no room to pull the handles, and I'll have to make (yet another!) trip to IKEA to find a different solution.


Jeffrey said...

Steve, are those drawers on the island or just panels? They look great.

Steve Rapport said...

The kitchen cabinets are all IKEA Akurum high gloss white, and yes, they are drawers. Lots of storage. And thanks!