Friday, October 1, 2010

A View From The Loo

There have been many special moments since we started construction of The Minnie House, and today's certainly ranks up there with the best of them. Having passed inspection yesterday, the plywood sheathing was nearly complete when I arrived at the house this afternoon, and I was finally able, for the very first time, to walk around and look at the actual view from the actual first floor.

This was quite an emotional experience for me. I stood where the bed will be; where the dining table will be; where my beautiful rosewood Eames lounge chair will be; and where the kitchen island will be, and marveled at how spectacular the view of the ocean and the Marin Headlands is, even on a somewhat cool and foggy afternoon.

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, Hector the Framer and his crew have also framed out the very first rooms, in the basement of The Minnie House: the second bathroom (left), and the utility room (right). I was pleasantly surprised to find that, with the bathroom door open, there will even be an ocean view from the loo...

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