Thursday, October 21, 2010

Faux Means Fake (But Not in a Bad Way)

It's been quite a struggle, but now all the external faux panels are finally in their rightful place, decorating the outside of the house. We had lots of problems getting them to fit properly, not least because the framers didn't follow the instructions and place 2x6 sill plates below the wall panels, and similar plates atop the panels.

This left us with gaps we shouldn't have had, and necessitated a certain amount of re-engineering. At one point the framers had to use a mechanical lifter to raise the roofing structure so that they could put 2x6 top plates between the steel posts and the Anthony beams that form the perimeter of the roof.

Slowly but surely the problems are resolved and the project moves forward, and each day the place looks more and more like a house. The interior framing is proceeding, and while the rooms all begin to take shape the plumbers are in every day completing work on the rough plumbing. There's already copper piping running through the floorboards and rough-ins are in place in both bathrooms, for the toilets, showers, vanities and the bath.

Today I was able to walk out on the deck for the first time. Nothing's finished and the plywood is just there for convenience, but still, it was another notable step and it was cool being able to walk from room to room on the outside of the house.

In the second bedroom the basic framing is now done, and as you can see, the 3' x 2' media closet is shaping up nicely. I'm still working to get affordable quotes for the A/V wiring from several different sources, and if I ever achieve that then all of the components will end up in here.

Next week the roofers are due to install the Durafoam roof, but not before the first winter storm arrives this weekend, so we'll need to get some plastic sheeting up there before the rain starts. We're also expecting delivery of the Jeld-Wen aluminum windows and doors from 1st Windows in LA.

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hyewon said...

Wow! It looks lovely! Just this can be a piece of modern art!