Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Can See Russia From My House

Today was Indian Summer on steroids, with Pacifica temperatures soaring into the 80s and San Francisco roasting in the mid-90s. As promised, the I-joists were already in place when I arrived at the sweltering Minnie House, and in the bright sunshine they threw fascinating light and shade patterns everywhere I looked.

One of the day's highlights was the view from the kitchen/dining room area (above). I knew the big window would look directly out at the Cypress tree, but it didn't occur to me that there would be so much greenery visible from the transom windows. Thank you, Rocio, for your wonderful design, which couldn't possibly have been more perfectly suited to my place on the hill.

Actually, despite claiming to the contrary, I was wrong. I can't see Russia from my house. But you know what's even better? I can see the Bay Area's favorite high spot, Mt. Tamalpais, from my house. That's it in the distance, some 25 miles away, beyond the foreground hill.

Also some way beyond cool is the view through the house from the ramp approaching the front door, which shows bright blue sky and shimmering sea. What a spectacular approach!

The interior framing is moving along even as the roof takes shape, and above you can see the outline of the main bathroom (center), with the closet on the right.

Things are moving so fast: by the time I get to the house on Wednesday the plywood sheathing will be covering the whole roof, and there may even be one or two faux wall panels attached to the exterior of the house. Within the next couple of weeks the foam roof will be sprayed on, the Kynar steel siding will be painstakingly installed, and the aluminum sliding doors and windows will complete the external shell.