Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Very Special House Guest

Architect Rocio Romero relaxes in the vintage Eames 670 Lounge Chair
Last Saturday The Minnie House was host to the LV Home's architect and inspiration, Rocio Romero, and her latest Open House tour. Around 100 LV Home enthusiasts visited the sparkling modernist gem that I am so happy to call home, and although I can't speak for the visitors, the tour was certainly enjoyable for me as I'm always delighted to show people around and answer questions about the house and the construction process. I met a succession of lovely people and will happily host another tour for Rocio in the New Year.

Rocio looks at home in the IKEA kitchen


adrianNYC said...

Love this house. would love to chat with the owner about some details. I'll be starting one similar on the east coast very soon (fingers crossed).

Steve Rapport said...

Adrian, you can send me an email at

All the best!

Dave "Blizzzz" said...

wow.. you are in pacifica! I've been looking at these LV prefabs and awesome to know that one is close to us... we live in San Francisco. Would love to chat some more about your home and maybe get a sneak peak sometime?

Steve Rapport said...

Sure Dave, send me an email.

Dave "Blizzzz" said...

thx Steve... email sent!