Wednesday, September 7, 2011

'Pacifica: A New Home for Modern Architecture'

By the dawn's early light...
A couple of days ago I was interviewed here at The Minnie House by Gabriela Segovia-McGahan and Dustin McGahan from the PacificaPatch web news site, and the result was this lovely piece about me, the house, and my mum. They may even write a little more after they join the Open House tour this Saturday.

My new succulent garden is shaping up nicely


Anonymous said...

Hi! Steve, Thanks so much for letting us see your beautiful home and answering so many questions about the building process. It was very generous of you. You have created a warm, inviting space and as you could see, people just want to hang out there. Thanks again.-Anna B. from Santa Cruz

Tyler H said...

Great home! I am so glad your vision is fufilled and you can now enjoy the home. Could you share where you found your sliding door between the master and the hallway. Thanks

Steve Rapport said...

Thanks to both of you. The tour was fun, it was great to be able to share my house with so many LV enthusiasts.

All of the aluminum doors came from Sliding Door SF (

- Steve

Coastside_Color said...
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Clorinda Altavilla said...

Beautiful house! The contemporary architecture goes well with the white paint and the simplistic design! And that garden is looking great! That house is what you get when you combine creativity and innovation!