Sunday, December 7, 2008


This weekend I've spent waaaay to long working on a 3D fly-through version of the house using Home Design Pro for the Mac. It's worth it, though, because after measuring out the lot and the setbacks and creating the 3D design, it looks like there's room on the lot to build a separate garage, and it doesn't look too bad next to the house.

The advantages of building a separate garage are that we won't need to change Rocio's plans (every change is expensive!); we can drop the basement lower into the hillside, which gives the house a much nicer profile; we don't have to deal with easements to get access from the bottom of the lot; and we don't have to build a long driveway. Also, we'll get the benefit of a full 1200 sq ft basement.

The cons? Well, it doesn't look all that attractive, does it? And I still have to build a second foundation and a garage!

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Anonymous said...

You might want to consider a basement garage , as I have done. The two doors in mine are 12' x 8' each , and , I am using clear aluminum -glass for overhead doors, to match the sliders above.
Fire code will require a separate interior wall, w/ fire rated door however... With the cantilevered deck above , the garage under , blends nicely.