Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Could Murder A Cup of Tea

I'm still hoping to move in on Saturday. Of course that depends on Chai the Building Inspector. Everything's frantic and frenetic as I try to get everything finished. Thanks to the loan of a neighbor's butane stove I was able to brew my first cup of Tetley's Tea at the house on Tuesday, when I spent my first night here, camped out in a sleeping bag on a crappy air mattress while a vicious howling wind threatened to huff and puff and blow the house down. I was freaked out and couldn't sleep, but the house was still standing in the morning!

The finish plumbing was completed a couple of days ago, and the photo above depicts the very moment that water first flowed through the house. The gorgeous Pura Vida vanity faucet from Hans Grohe was next to go online, and now all that's missing is hot water. PG&E is supposed to come tomorrow morning to install the gas meter, and after that I should have every service up and running.

Today the house is a hive of activity: the guys from Crawford Satellite are completing all the wiring in the media closet, the guys from The Sliding Door Company are installing the bathroom and office aluminum doors, the guys from MC Electric are wiring the cooktop and pendant light and fire alarm and generally wrapping up their work, Bobby from Coastal Plumbing is beavering away in the basement to complete the radiant heat work before gas is turned on, and Dan the Carpenter is nailing in the final pieces of baseboard, mounting toilet paper holders, adding the valance trim below the wall cabinets and attaching the plinths, or toe kicks, to the floor cabinets in the kitchen. Busy busy busy.

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