Monday, January 26, 2009

Last weekend Ed built this platform, the top of which approximates where the floor will eventually be. The south west corner of the house will most likely be two feet above grade (street level), and the north east corner will be eight or nine feet below grade. The basement ceiling height will be eight feet, and the garage door, which will be located under the kitchen, will be seven feet high x twelve feet wide. The driveway is a bit of a problem, as it's not supposed to slope more that 16ยบ, but I think it will work out OK.

Still no word yet from PG&E, but I'm hopeful that they'll let us do what we want - not that my optimism is based on anything other than, well, optimism. Only about 6% of the square footage is under the power line and the easement, so what the hell? As you can see from the site plan, the house angles dramatically, facing NNW, towards the ocean view. Anything less would be a shame, don't you think? After all, it's all about the view, isn't it?

After talking to a structural surveyor, the $400,000 budget's not looking too good. I have a $5000.00 line item for engineering, but the quote's going to be over $12k, so that's looking hopelessly naive. Something's got to give!

Next steps to keep thing puppy moving: get the OK from PG&E to build on our preferred spot; complete the designs for the basement/garage, stairs and deck; send those plans to the engineer; get the wet-stamped structural/foundation plans and reports; get the California Title 24 energy calcs; get a grading plan. Then we can think about taking everything to the City of Pacifica, and starting our permit application process. Can we do all of that in two weeks? Sounds a little doubtful, eh? Still, onwards and upwards.

This week's playlist:
Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion
Bruce Springsteen - Working on a Dream
Grizzly Bear - Yellow House


Alex said...

Hi Steve,

Ran into your blog a few weeks ago and have been reading to see where things are for you. My Partner and I are in the process of finalizing our construction loan for a modern prefab build in Brisbane... The LVL was a top choice for us, along with the WeeHouse and HIVE Modular. Was just wondering where your budget is around the build and if you're seeing any savings by going prefab vs. on site?
Also, wanna to get a feel from you on your dealings with San Mateo county on permits and design review?
Just wanted to get a dialog going; I know things are moving for you at this stage and we are looking forward to seeing your new home progress. As my father said the other day, "what ever you do, don't let your frustration with the process overwhelm your excitement..."

Best of luck.
Alex and Robert

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