Saturday, February 19, 2011

Satellite of Love

Now I not only have music around the house, but satellite TV too. The DirecTV guy came on Wednesday and set up the dish on the roof and hooked up an HD DVR for the living room and an HD receiver for the bedroom, and I signed up for Whole Home DVR service so that I can watch recorded shows on any TV in the house. Since the receivers are in the media closet I re-programmed the remotes to switch from IR to RF, and now that they work through the walls I can watch TV to my heart's content.

Nando the Electrician mounted this lovely Phrena pendant light, designed by Karl Zahn and bought from the MoMa store, on the ceiling above the stairway, and soon we'll also mount the spectacular Norm 69 lamp above the Danish modern dining table.

In other news, the frameless glass shower in the main bathroom is complete except for the plumbing fixtures, which will have to wait until after we finally bring water service to The Minnie House, whenever that may be as it's still raining.

Yesterday I picked up the fourteen missing Ultimate Blue 3" x 6" glass tiles from Daltile, and this morning Francisco completed the final piece of the tiling puzzle. The tiles look gorgeous, and when we eventually see the return of blue skies I'll be able to see the sky and the sea reflected in the backsplash.

The bathroom now also features a Duravit Multibox Series medicine cabinet sitting above a Duravit wall mounted vanity designed by Philppe Starck for the 1.2.3 collection. I'm actually not sure how I feel about the way the cabinets and the backsplash work together - I'd certainly be happier if the vanity and cabinet were the same width, which would better integrate the backsplash into the overall aesthetic.


Melissa said...

the backsplash looks great in the kitchen AND the bathroom.

LWW said...

I found your site looking for a phrena lamp, and couldn't believe it was in a Rocio Romero, my dream! Well done, just gorgeous!

Angela said...

Hi there,
Love your blog! I'm very close to ordering blue tile for all modern (mostly white) kitchen and found your blog and post on your kitchen. I'm wondering if you've posted a photo or could send me a picture of your finished kitchen. I want to get a feel for the overall ook. I'm sure it's beautiful! Thank you.