Sunday, October 10, 2010

Positively Beaming

Another first: on Friday afternoon, thanks to the installation of Anthony beams all around the perimeter of the structure, I was able to see the framed view from all of the windows, and they were all even more breathtaking than I had dared hope. From the dining room, there's the big Cypress tree and the hills to the north. Through the kitchen transom, to the east, there's the hill atop Milagra Ridge.

No real surprises along the back of the house, but still wonderful to see the amazing framed views of the ocean from every room. And the Cypress tree by Randy's house conveniently screens the ocean-side trailer park from view.

As expected, walking up the ramp towards the front door will provide a view through the house to the ocean beyond.

As a bonus, there are also views along Milagra Ridge from every room, as well as from the deck. The bedroom window will indeed provide views of trees and sky, plus a hint of ocean and pier, in addition to providing afternoon sunlight down the hallway.

On the down side, several of the lower windows - all of them, in fact - are lower than they are supposed to be, by around two inches. That's significant. The kitchen window should be at 32", leaving a little room for the splash back above the countertop, but it's only just over 30", which means the countertop will run into the windowsill. And the bedroom window, the top of which is supposed to line up with the top of the sliding closet doors, is also two inches too low. Now we have to figure out if these problems can be fixed on site, which would involve altering the wall panels and exterior faux wall panels - and almost certainly the Kynar steel siding too.

First up tomorrow will be the installation of the structural panels that separate the living room from the second bedroom (that's one of the panels you can see above), and then the TJIs and the roof sheathing. By the end of the week this structure will really look like a house.

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